About us

How did we do it, the story behind Vinota success. Vinota is a hi-tech initiative that uses its own propitiatory technology to provide superior calling experience to its users around the world.


About US

Vinota is the first app that deliver HD quality VOICE

Vinota is an internet telephony service provider which offers cheaper international calls .Vinota offers its service as an App for Android and iPhone, which allows users to make affordable and high quality calls to any mobile or landline number in the world. With its unique design and simplicity, many Vinota users regard Vinota as the best calling experience they ever had.

Vinota launched its services as an alternative to calling card in UK in year 2008. As the evolution of mobile VOIP, Vinota moved in to mobile VOIP market with Vinota mobile App which launched in 2015. Vinota is registered business in Australia and USA. TASCOM International is registered under the Vinota networks Pty Ltd.


Vinota has some of the highest deliverability and call success rates in the industry because we tackle challenges and pain points head on.


We have direct relationships with multiple carriers around the world and we know their rules inside So you always stay compliant and get the fastest and most secure connection route.

Adaptive Routing

Adaptive Routing gives you the optimal path delivery, so your customers are never kept waiting. When a carrier experiences lots of traffic, you get queues. Our patent-pending algorithm makes sure you avoid these roadblocks by choosing the fastest and most secure alternative carrier route.

Strong Connectivity

It’s finally time for you to relax and talk to your loved ones without the constant fear and hassle of call dropping. Our strong connectivity helps in providing the best possible signal strength on mobile VOIP calls.

Truly Clear Call Quality

How often have you called a friend and not even recognized his/her voice. Why is this? Because of the cheap call quality. By using Vinota, you can make sure there won't be any issues with call quality because you will enjoy HD voice quality every time.

Vinota is the first app that deliver HD quality VOICE